Why Undaunted you may ask?

Undaunted, Dr. Mackie's last series at Wilshire Avenue Community Church delves into the book of Colossians.  The Apostle Paul is often thought about and referenced, however, have you ever really put yourself in his shoes?  Unimaginable, giving up years of his life in prison for his beliefs.  Writing, while shackled, letters to seemingly insignificant churches, so that Christianity could grow throughout the world.  

Paul's letters became books, his books became 25% of the New Testament, and the Bible has become "The Greatest Story Ever Told."  

Maybe it's time we start to live 'undaunted' as well.

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Kirk Mackie, Kingdom Come - Download available for FREE
Pastor Kirk's final sermon.  The following week, he baptized eight people, his service as a pastor was complete, and he officially became a missionary in the field representing Wilshire Avenue Community Church.